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Looking to renovate your bathroom in Kilkenny? Galaxy Bathrooms offers bespoke, affordable bathroom makeovers. Our skilled team promises to turn your vision into reality, enhancing your home’s comfort and value. Contact us now at Galaxy Bathroom or fill out our contact form to start your bathroom transformation journey!

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Why Choose Galaxy Bathrooms for Bathroom Renovation Services in Kilkenny?

Exceptional Skill in Bathroom Renovation

Our team at Galaxy Bathrooms excels in bathroom renovation Kilkenny, bringing a wealth of experience and skill. Each project is an opportunity for us to showcase our dedication to superior craftsmanship and innovative design in bathroom renovation. We continuously update our techniques and tools to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry, offering you the latest trends and styles.

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Solutions

Galaxy Bathrooms offers not just affordability but value in cheap bathroom renovations Kilkenny. We understand the need for cost-effective solutions that don’t sacrifice quality, ensuring your bathroom renovation in Kilkenny is both affordable and luxurious. Our approach combines smart budget management with the use of high-quality materials to give you the best value for your investment.

Tailored Bathroom Designs in Kilkenny

Specialising in complete bathroom renovations Kilkenny, we provide personalised designs that align with your vision. Our team listens to your ideas and brings them to life, ensuring your bathroom renovation reflects your unique style and functionality needs. We also stay updated with the latest design trends to provide you with a space that is both modern and timeless.

Quick and Efficient Renovations

Efficiency is key in bathroom renovation Kilkenny. At Galaxy Bathrooms, we’re known for our timely completion of projects, making us a preferred choice for those seeking budget bathroom renovation Kilkenny without the long wait times. Our project management skills ensure that your renovation project progresses smoothly, without unnecessary delays or disruptions.

All-Round Bathroom Renovation Services

Galaxy Bathrooms offers an end-to-end solution for bathroom and kitchen renovations Kilkenny. Our comprehensive service includes detailed planning, efficient execution, and meticulous finishing touches, ensuring a smooth and satisfying bathroom renovation journey in Kilkenny. We also offer after-service support to address any concerns and ensure your complete satisfaction with the final result.


Hire Galaxy Bathrooms In 3 Easy Steps


Reach out to us via our website or call us directly. Our team will guide you through our various services and help you choose the best options for your needs.

Design & Quote

Once we understand your requirements, our experts will create a custom design for your bathroom. We’ll provide a detailed quote, ensuring transparency and no hidden costs.


After you approve the design and quote, our skilled craftsmen will start the installation. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times, so you’ll have your dream bathroom in no time.


Kilkenny’s Finest: Expertise in Bathroom Renovation

Galaxy Bathrooms, renowned in Kilkenny for expert bathroom renovations, offers personalised, stylish, and functional makeovers. Our team excels in blending contemporary designs with classic elegance, ensuring quality and sustainability in every project. We prioritise precision, innovation, and eco-friendly practices, making us Kilkenny’s top choice for bathroom transformations.

  • Personalized, stylish designs
  • Expert skills and precision
  • Cutting-edge, innovative techniques
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable practices

Explore Our Wide Range of Bathroom Services

Bespoke Bathroom Transformation

From minor updates to full-scale makeovers, we offer tailored solutions for complete bathroom renovations in Kilkenny. Our team works closely with you to design a space that reflects your style and meets your functional needs.

Premium Fixtures and State-of-the-Art Fittings

Our selection of high-quality fixtures and fittings enhances every aspect of your bathroom renovation in Kilkenny. We source from leading brands to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Expert Tiling and Flooring Services

As part of our bathroom renovation services in Kilkenny, we offer a variety of durable and stylish tiling and flooring options. Choose from a wide range of materials and designs to suit your taste and budget.

Custom Lighting and Accessory Selection

Elevate your bathroom renovation in Kilkenny with our custom lighting solutions and accessory selections. We help you create the perfect ambiance, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal for a truly unique space.


Dreaming of a Modern, Stylish Bathroom?

Galaxy Bathrooms is here to help! Contact us now and let’s start creating the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Galaxy Bathrooms Services We Provide


Bathroom Fitting


Shower Installation


Bathroom Design


Luxury Bathroom


Classic Bathroom

Ensuite Bathroom

Ensuite Bathroom


Step-by-Step: Our Unique Bathroom Renovation Journey

Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an in-depth consultation to discuss your needs and preferences. This crucial step forms the foundation of your bathroom renovation project in Kilkenny, ensuring that we fully understand your vision. We take the time to explore your style preferences and functional requirements, laying the groundwork for a successful renovation.

Design, Planning, and Material Selection

After the consultation, we move into the design and planning phase. Here, we help you choose the right materials and finalise the design, considering every aspect to ensure your bathroom renovation in Kilkenny is both beautiful and practical. Our experts guide you through the latest trends and durable materials to find the perfect fit for your space.

Execution with Precision and Care

With the design in place, our team of experts begins the execution phase. We work with precision and care, focusing on delivering top-quality craftsmanship throughout your bathroom renovation process in Kilkenny. Every detail is managed to ensure a smooth and efficient transformation of your bathroom.

Quality Check and Final Review

As we near completion, we conduct a comprehensive quality check and review every detail with you. This step ensures that your bathroom renovation not only meets but exceeds your expectations, solidifying our commitment to excellence in every project. Your feedback is crucial during this phase to ensure every element aligns with your envisioned outcome.

What Our Client Says

"Galaxy Bathrooms transformed our outdated bathroom into a modern oasis. The team was professional and completed the project on time."

Highly recommended!

"We are thrilled with our new bathroom! Galaxy Bathrooms provided excellent service from design to installation."

A big thank you to the team!

Galaxy Bathrooms exceeded our expectations. They were efficient, detail-oriented, and our bathroom looks stunning.

Great job!

I can’t praise Galaxy Bathrooms enough! They were professional, punctual, and our new bathroom is beautiful.

Thank you for your hard work!

Galaxy Bathrooms did an amazing job on our bathroom renovation. The transformation is unbelievable! We couldn’t be happier.

We hired Galaxy Bathrooms for a complete bathroom makeover and they delivered! The team was skilled, friendly, and respectful of our home.

Galaxy Bathrooms turned our small, cramped bathroom into a spacious and stylish space.

We are so pleased with their work!

The team at Galaxy Bathrooms is exceptional! They listened to our needs, offered great suggestions, and delivered a beautiful bathroom.

Our new bathroom is fantastic! Galaxy Bathrooms provided a seamless experience from start to finish. We highly recommend them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a bathroom renovation in Kilkenny?

Generally, internal renovations like bathrooms don’t require planning permission. However, if structural changes are involved, it’s always best to consult with Kilkenny’s local planning authority.

How long does a typical bathroom renovation take in Kilkenny?

A standard bathroom renovation in Kilkenny can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

What is the average cost of a bathroom renovation in Kilkenny?

Costs can vary widely, but on average, a bathroom renovation in Kilkenny could range from €5,000 to €15,000, depending on materials, size, and labour.

Can I live in my home during the bathroom renovation process in Kilkenny?

Yes, you can usually stay in your home during the renovation, but prepare for some disruption, especially if it’s your only bathroom.

Are there eco-friendly bathroom renovation options available in Kilkenny?

Yes, you can opt for water-saving fixtures, LED lighting, and sustainable materials for an eco-friendly bathroom renovation in Kilkenny.

How can I make my small bathroom in Kilkenny appear larger?

Using light colors, large mirrors, and transparent shower enclosures can make a small bathroom appear more spacious.

Begin Your Bathroom Transformation with Galaxy Bathrooms in Kilkenny

Are you planning to give your bathroom a new look in Kilkenny? Choose Galaxy Bathrooms for a service that combines quality, style, and affordability. Our team is all about making your bathroom renovation smooth and hassle-free. We focus on creating designs that fit your style and meet your needs, all while keeping it budget-friendly. Our skilled team promises a blend of expert workmanship and friendly service, turning your bathroom dreams into reality.

Ready to transform your bathroom? Get in touch with Galaxy Bathroom today and let’s start shaping your ideal bathroom space in Kilkenny. Your dream bathroom is just a call away!

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