Is There a Way to Design a Bathroom Online?

by | Apr 30, 2024


Starting a bathroom makeover can feel like a big step, especially when you’re not sure where to begin. Now, In this advanced era, with the help of the internet designing your bathroom has become much simpler and more fun. 

With online tools, you can try out different looks for your bathroom from home, for free, and without making any changes right away. This blog will guide you through using these online platforms to create a bathroom that fits your needs and matches your style. 

So, let’s start exploring how you can design your dream bathroom easily and step by step.

Overview of Online Bathroom Design Tools

When it comes to designing your bathroom online, there are several tools available that make the job easy and enjoyable. Platforms like RoomSketcher, SmartDraw, and Planner 5D are among the favourites.

RoomSketcher is known for its user-friendly interface and detailed 3D visualisation capabilities. SmartDraw offers a wide range of design symbols and easy integration with other software, making it a go-to for detailed planning. Planner 5D is celebrated for its simplicity, making it perfect for beginners who are just getting their feet wet in design.

These tools are great for planning within your budget. They allow you to see how different options impact your costs. This way, you can make smart choices that keep your project affordable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Bathroom Online     

Designing your bathroom online is a straightforward process that can be broken down into a few easy steps. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Start with a Floor Plan: First things first, you need to know the shape and size of your bathroom. Some tools let you draw your bathroom layout from scratch. If you’re not sure where to start, look for templates. These are ready-made layouts that you can adjust to match your space. This step helps you see what you have to work with.

2. Pick Your Style and Finishes: Now for the fun part – making it look good. Decide on the style you like. Modern? Classic? Then, choose the colours and materials for your walls, floors, and ceiling. Most design tools have a wide selection for you to click and try. This way, you can mix and match until you find what you love.

3. Add Fixtures and Furniture: Once your style is set, add the essentials like a bathtub, toilet, and sink. Don’t forget storage like cabinets and shelves. Drag them into your plan and move them around until everything fits perfectly. This step is crucial for making sure you have everything you need where you need it.

4. See It in 3D: After placing all your elements, view your design in 3D. This feature lets you walk through your virtual bathroom. It’s a great way to check if everything looks as you imagined. You can make any necessary adjustments before finalising your design.

5. Make Adjustments and Decide: If something doesn’t look right, go back and tweak it. Try different colours or switch out fixtures until you’re happy. Once you’ve got it just right, you can move forward with your renovation plans with confidence.

What Are Some Practical Ways For Online Bathroom Design

Practical Ways For Online Bathroom Design

Let’s look into practical tips for online bathroom design, offering a closer look at each step to ensure your project is both beautiful and functional. From accurate measurements to budget mindfulness, these guidelines will help you navigate the design process with ease and confidence.

 1. Measure carefully

  • Why It’s Important: Accurate measurements ensure that the fixtures, furniture, and accessories you choose will fit as expected, preventing costly mistakes.
  • How to Do It: Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of your bathroom, including the height of the ceiling. Note the positions of existing plumbing and electrical outlets, as these can affect where you can place items. If you’re not confident, consider asking a professional for help.

2. Consider your needs

  • Identify Users: Think about who will be using the bathroom. The needs of a family bathroom are different from those of a guest bathroom or an en-suite.
  • Functionality First: List the functions your bathroom needs to serve, such as storage for towels and toiletries, a bathtub for children, or easy accessibility for older adults. This will guide your choices in the design process.

3. Focus on lighting

  • Layers of Light: Incorporate a mix of lighting types. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination, task lighting is essential for activities like shaving or applying makeup, and accent lighting can highlight architectural features or decor.
  • Natural Light: If possible, maximise natural light with windows or skylights. Consider privacy options like frosted glass.

4. Don’t forget ventilation

  • Importance of Ventilation: Proper ventilation helps prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mould and mildew. It also keeps the air fresh.
  • Options: Ensure there’s an exhaust fan, and if possible, a window. The fan should have enough power for the size of your bathroom, typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

5. Play with colours and textures

  • Create Visual Interest: Use colours and textures to add depth and interest to your bathroom. For example, textured tiles can add a tactile element, while contrasting colours can create a focal point.
  • Consider the Effect: Light colours can make a small space feel larger and more open, while darker hues might lend a cosy, intimate feel.

6. Keep your budget in mind

  • Track Costs: As you select materials and fixtures, keep an eye on the cumulative cost. Online tools often have features that let you estimate costs as you go.
  • Prioritise: Decide what elements are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves. This can help you make decisions if you need to trim the budget.

By following these detailed steps, you can approach your online bathroom design project with confidence, knowing you’ve considered all the key aspects to create a functional, stylish, and budget-friendly space.


Starting your bathroom makeover can seem difficult, but it’s actually easier and more fun using online design tools. Our blog has shown you how to use these tools to make designing your dream bathroom simple and exciting. From RoomSketcher’s easy-to-use features to Planner 5D’s simplicity, perfect for beginners, we’ve covered the best online platforms available.

Also, through each step of the process, from choosing a floor plan to picking out your style and finishes, it gives you a clear idea of how your renovation might go. Plus, with these practical tips you can ensure your design is not only beautiful but functional and within your budget.

Now, it’s your turn to bring your dream bathroom to life. Galaxy Bathroom is here to help. With our expertise, designing your bathroom online is even more straightforward. So, start creating your ideal bathroom with Galaxy Bathroom today and make your vision a reality.


Can I design my bathroom layout online for free?

Yes, you can design your bathroom layout online for free using tools like Planner 5D and RoomSketcher. These platforms offer basic functionalities without any cost, allowing you to create floor plans and visualise your bathroom in 3D.

How do I start designing my bathroom online?

To start, choose an online bathroom design tool like RoomSketcher, SmartDraw, or Planner 5D. Then, measure your bathroom space and input the dimensions into the tool. You can then begin selecting and placing fixtures, tiles, and colours to create your design.

Are online bathroom design tools easy to use for beginners?

Yes, many online bathroom design tools are designed with beginners in mind. For example, Planner 5D offers a simple interface and intuitive drag-and-drop features, making it easy for anyone to start designing without any previous experience.

Can I save and share my online bathroom designs?

Absolutely, most online bathroom design tools allow you to save your designs and share them with others. You can usually export your designs as images or links, making it easy to get feedback from friends or family or to share your plans with contractors.

Can I customise the materials and finishes in my online bathroom design?

Yes, online bathroom design tools like RoomSketcher and Planner 5D allow you to customise materials and finishes. You can experiment with different tiles, paint colours, and textures to find the perfect look for your bathroom.

Do online bathroom design tools include options for small bathrooms?

Absolutely, these tools are equipped with features and options specifically designed for small bathrooms. They help you make the most of limited space by offering smart layout suggestions, compact fixtures, and storage solutions to maximise functionality and style.