Pros and Cons of Wet Rooms

by | Mar 11, 2024


Are you considering a wet room but can’t decide if it’s the right fit for your home in Ireland? Wet rooms have become increasingly popular, offering a sleek and modern look that can enhance the functionality and value of your bathroom.

However, like any renovation decision, it’s essential to know about the pros and cons of wet rooms carefully. This Blog post will explain the benefits and drawbacks, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle needs.

What is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a waterproofed bathroom where the shower area blends smoothly with the rest of the room, without the need for shower trays or barriers. This open, tiled space features a floor gently sloped towards a drain, allowing water to be efficiently managed.

Wet rooms are praised for their shine, modern design and accessibility, offering a barrier-free showering experience. Ideal for adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any home, wet rooms exemplify the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design, merging functionality with aesthetic appeal.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Wet Room?

Installing a wet room in your home comes with a range of benefits, transforming your bathroom into a functional and stylish space. Here are some significant advantages of opting for a wet room design:

Enhanced Accessibility


Wet rooms offer unparalleled accessibility, making them an ideal choice for individuals with mobility issues or anyone looking for a more comfortable and safe showering experience. The lack of barriers such as steps or shower trays ensures easy entry and exit, catering to all ages and abilities.

Modern and Sleek Aesthetics

The minimalist design of wet rooms contributes to a clean, contemporary look that can complement any home decor. The seamless transition from shower area to the rest of the bathroom creates a sense of space and openness, elevating the overall aesthetic of your home.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed wet room not only serves as a luxurious addition to your home but can also boost its market value. Potential buyers often view wet rooms as a desirable feature, associating them with modernity and elegance.

Efficient Use of Space

Wet rooms are an excellent solution for bathrooms of all sizes, including smaller spaces where traditional setups might feel small. The open-plan layout maximises the available area, making the bathroom appear larger and more inviting.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning


The streamlined design of wet rooms, with fewer crevices and surfaces for dirt and grime to accumulate, makes them easier to clean and maintain. Waterproof surfaces and the absence of shower screens or curtains significantly reduce cleaning time and effort.

What are the Challenges of Wet Rooms?

Wet rooms offer many benefits, there are also challenges that homeowners should consider before proceeding with installation. Understanding these potential hurdles can help ensure a well-planned and executed wet room design.

Waterproofing and Leakage Risks

One of the primary challenges of wet rooms is ensuring complete waterproofing of the area to prevent leaks. Insufficient sealing can lead to water damage in surrounding areas, necessitating a thorough and professional approach to waterproofing.

Higher Installation Costs

The cost of installing a wet room can be higher than that of a traditional bathroom due to the need for specialised waterproofing materials and skilled labour. This investment is important for long-term durability but may initially be a barrier for some homeowners.

Ventilation and Dampness


Effective ventilation is essential in wet rooms to prevent the buildup of moisture and dampness, which can lead to mould growth and other moisture-related issues. Ensuring adequate air circulation requires careful planning and possibly additional ventilation solutions.

Limited Privacy

The open-plan nature of wet rooms might not suit everyone’s privacy needs, especially in households with multiple members sharing bathroom facilities. Creative design solutions or the addition of discrete screening can help reduce this concern.

Slippery Surfaces

The increased exposure to water in wet rooms can make floors slippery, posing a risk of falls and injuries. Choosing the right non-slip flooring materials and incorporating strategic drainage can help enhance safety in wet rooms.

Making the Decision: Is a Wet Room Right for You?

Deciding to install a wet room involves weighing its benefits against potential challenges to determine if it aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and home design. Here are four key considerations to help you make an informed choice:

Assessing Your Space

Consider the size and layout of your current bathroom to determine if a wet room is feasible. Wet rooms can be adapted to various spaces but work best when the design accommodates efficient water drainage and waterproofing.

Budget Considerations


Evaluate your budget to see if it aligns with the costs associated with installing a wet room, including waterproofing, materials, and labour. Remember that a well-executed wet room can increase your property value, making it a worthwhile investment.

Lifestyle and Accessibility Needs

Reflect on your household’s needs, particularly if you have mobility issues or plan to age in place. Wet rooms offer excellent accessibility and can be customised to include safety features, making them a practical choice for inclusive living.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Consider the maintenance involved in keeping a wet room functional and aesthetically pleasing. While wet rooms can be easier to clean due to fewer crevices and shower fittings, they require diligent upkeep to prevent water damage and ensure the integrity of the waterproofing.


To wrap up, understanding the pros and cons of wet rooms is essential for any homeowner considering this stylish upgrade. With benefits like enhanced accessibility, modern aesthetics, and efficient space utilisation, wet rooms can significantly elevate your home’s value and functionality. However, it’s important to know about these potential challenges such as waterproofing, costs, and maintenance.

Galaxy Bathrooms specialises in addressing these complexities, ensuring your wet room installation in Ireland is seamless and customised to your needs. Ready to transform your bathroom? Contact Galaxy Bathrooms and let us turn your vision into reality with our expert wet room solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wet room a good idea for small bathrooms?

Yes, wet rooms can be ideal for small spaces as they remove the need for shower enclosures, making the bathroom appear larger and more open.

How does a wet room impact home resale value?

A well-designed wet room can enhance your home’s appeal to potential buyers, often increasing resale value, especially in markets where such features are sought after.

What flooring is best for wet rooms?

Non-slip tiles are typically the best choice for wet room flooring, providing safety, durability, and ease of maintenance, with numerous design options available.

Do wet rooms always need underfloor heating?

While not always necessary, underfloor heating can improve comfort in a wet room by warming the floor and aiding in quicker drying of the area.

Can a wet room be installed on any floor of a house?

Yes, wet rooms can be installed on different floors, but the process may vary, especially for upper floors where additional considerations for weight and waterproofing are necessary.

How do I ensure my wet room is completely waterproof?

Proper waterproofing involves using quality materials and professional installation to seal the floor and walls, ensuring that water doesn’t penetrate into the structure of the building.